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The main topics and aims of our German courses for advanced learners (levels C1 - C2 according to CEFL).

Posted by Admin on Feb 18, 2008
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Advanced aspects of the German grammar; improving your German pronunciation and communication skills; advanced German conversation about a variety of topics, such as culture, arts, economics, politics, sciences and technology, medicine, inventions and discoveries, the Internet, television, newspapers, other media, literature, sports, social problems, education, the environment and environmental protection, foreign countries and travel; talking about your job and your company; reading and translating complicated original German texts dealing with various topics; summarizing the main ideas of texts and statements; discussing controversial topics and statement; expressing your opinion in a differentiated manner; learning and using further German vocabulary concerning the above-mentioned topics; negotiating and interviewing people; dealing with important works of German literature; making phone calls in the German language; learning and practising further idiomatic phrases; […]

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