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Company courses and individual lessons for employees and managers of firms and institutions in the German language.

Posted by Admin on Feb 18, 2008
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The contents and the timetable of these German courses and German lessons are flexible and can be negotiated between our language school and the employers or students. The company courses of our language school can also focus on various topics which are particularly interesting or relevant for the participants, such as German courses specialized in economics, politics, business administration, business economics, sciences and technology, technological innovation, research and development, engineering, information technology / IT, introducing innovative products, important discoveries and inventions, education, the environment and environmental protection, energy, agriculture, trade and commerce, sale and purchase, the management of production, recruiting staff, interviewing applicants, applying for jobs, organizing company meetings and conferences, law and jurisdiction, international cooperation, the European Union, the mass media, advertising, finances, banking and investment, the pharmaceutical industry, medicine and medical research. These language courses and lessons can start any time throughout the year. Moreover, our German courses can be specialized in certain fields, such as technical language, scientific language, business language, telephone language, office communication, writing business letters and official documents, understanding and translating technical, scientific and other specialized texts, making presentations, travelling abroad on business, interviewing people, negotiating with customers and business partners etc. […]

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