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Supplier to the special foundation construction industry and supplier of mechanically processed components.

Posted by Admin on Feb 18, 2008
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Supplier of pile sheets, single and double planks, steel pipes and girders - used, new, to rent, to buy with buyback or for buying-in. supplier to the special foundation construction industry: Sheet pile walls, mainly Larssen profiles (L601-607 and L22 in any thickness required) as well as PU, AU, AZ, LX, SP-3W, LIIS, etc. as single and double planks, including sealing and coating, corner profiles made of mild steel and special steel, according to individual requirements, Cold-rolled sheet piles in required formats (thickness, width, section modulus, etc.) with the according weight advantage, HEB, HEM and HEA sheeting girders, double- and U-profile, waler lines, etc. Two- and four-sided sheeting timber in individual formats, Pipes with diameters of up to 1000mm (for pressing, boring, pile driving, etc.), seamless pipes with diameters of up to 340mm, wall thicknesses of up to 40mm and lengths of up to 25m, Welded constructions. Mechanical processing: Mechanical engineering, Agricultural machinery manufacturers, Construction machines manufacturers, Packing machine construction, Pump construction, Motor construction, Gear manufacturing, Plant engineering and construction, Hydraulic system construction, Conveyor system construction, Fluid technology. We would be pleased to work with your company. We guarantee that our work is carried out accurately and efficiently and to a high standard as regards quality and deadlines. […]

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