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Berlin language school in Berlin-Charlottenburg and Berlin-Mitte offers a wide range of German language courses.

Posted by Admin on Feb 18, 2008
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German courses for adults - German classes for children and youngsters - intensive German courses for all levels - specialized German classes for professionals - German courses as a preparation for German language tests - German classes as company courses for foreign employees of firms and institutions - German courses as private, one-on-one lessons / individual, one-on-one German tuition in the learners´ homes or offices - morning courses - evening classes - full-time courses - part-time courses - weekend courses - holiday courses etc. Berlin language school in Berlin-Charlottenburg and Berlin-Mitte offers a wide range of German language courses and German language lessons for foreigners, migrants and non-native speakers of German, including individual, one-on-one lessons and company courses, as well as specialized German language training for a variety of professions and jobs, for example in the fields of economics, sciences, engineering, medicine, IT, law, architecture, arts, education ... - German language courses and German language lessons for all levels - beginners, pre-intermediate and intermediate learners as well as advanced and very advanced learners (levels A1 to C2 according to the CEFR). […]

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